Friday, May 19, 2017

The Symbol of the Fig Tree, It's not what you think
Olive Tree
Most people think the "fig tree" is a sign for Israel because of the error of Hal Lindsey, who also got everything else wrong in prophecy in his book, "The Late Great Planet Earth."

We see in the Scriptures, however, that the tree that is associated with Israel is the olive tree, not the fig tree, Romans 11:24 for example. Contrary to popular belief, Israel has not yet been gathered, as was prophesied in Isaiah 66:8 which is yet to come, but very soon now will.

The first mention of the fig tree is when Adam and Eve tried to cover their shame with the leaves of the fig tree, which is a symbol of man-made religion that seeks to cover sins apart from YHVH, through man's own efforts. The Pharisees typified this effort with all of their self-made laws and ordinances that Yeshua condemned, just as He condemned the fig tree, Matthew 21:19-20.

The first mention of the olive tree in Scriptures is in Genesis 8:11, as a symbol of peace between Elohim and man when a dove returned to Noach's arc with the leaf of the olive tree, Yehovah offering His leaves for healing, and then the oil of the olive we see in Exodus and Leviticus as a symbol of the Set-Apart Spirit, giving light and praise to Elohim.  In  Deuteronomy the olive oil is our blessing and in Samuel our anointing, and in Psalms we see that the Yehovah's children are like an olive tree, 52:8, and Jeremiah 11:16, and in Romans grafted in.  Who then is the Olive Tree, giving Oil to His children?

It is יְהֹוָה and His children abide in Him.

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  1. Good post! Agree that Israel has not yet been regathered. We ought to meet for coffee. Sorry I've been so remiss since our first encounter on my blog over a year ago.