Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Behold the Nail Behold the Hand

    This is the Name of Elohim in Hebrew, with the vowel points.
It is pronounced Yehovah, with the accent on the last syllable, "vah."

Looking at the Hebrew letters from an English perspective, from left to right (Hebrew is from right to left) we see the letters Hey, ה, Vav,ו, Hey, ה, Yod,י

Each of the letters that make up the Name Yehovah have meaning themselves.

The letter "Hey" means "look" or "behold"
The letter "Vav" means "nail" or "peg"
The letter "Yod" means "hand" or "forearm and hand"

So you could translate the meaning of the Name as "Behold the Nail Behold the Hand"

Does this remind you of Anyone?

Today is the Passover.  It was on this very day of the week, a Wednesday, that our Savior was crucified.  Passover also fell on a Wednesday that week as well.  Did He not say the Scriptures spoke of Him?  Even our Father's Name speaks of Him.

So why do the Jews not believe in Yeshua the Messiah?  Let's look at the Name from their perspective, from right to left.

When we translate from this perspective, "Hand Behold Nail Behold."  The Hand is the mighty Arm of Elohim, holding the nail of Judgement, with which He Judges the nations.  

This is also true.  Our Savior will return and judge the nations, as he said in Matthew 25:31-32, and we see in the book of Revelation.

But, those that do not know the Son do not know the Father, and those that do not know the Father do not know the Son.  They are One.  Even "the Name" speaks of Him.
Remember this Passover.  Remember Him.       

And repent for the Kingdom.

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